Blue Chip

Concrete Mix

0-7/8 Stone

3/4" Clear Stone

Masonry Sand

Fill Sand

Three views are presented of aggregates: close-up, watered or wet & large piles 


3/8" Bluechip - Looks great in driveways and parking lot's!


Concrete Mix - Sand and gravel mix used to make cement!


0-7/8 Stone - A packing stone with powder used as a base etc..


 Screenings - Natural Colours


3/4 inch clear stone - 1/2 - 3/4 stone used for drainage, driveways, parking lot's etc..


Masonry Sand - A washed sand used for sand box's and play area's Used for mix in bricklaying etc.. used to sweep between cracks of interlock brick.


Fill Sand - Used to break up soil in gardens and flower beds and as garage fill.

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