Waterworn, Fossil & Moss Rocks

Orellia Grey Cap, Elephant, Teastained Cap, Caprock, Waterfall Rock, Armour & Blue Mountain

Specialty Rock


Ledge Rock, Guillotine, Buckhorn & Cheese stone

Limestone & Granite Steps

Weathered Edge Rockery


Waterworn, Fossil & Moss Rocks


Waterworn & Moss Rock - add a touch of natures beauty to your garden. Available in many shapes and sizes.

Used as accents in your garden for borders, ponds, waterfalls etc..




         Waterworn Bordering


                                                                                   Fossil Rocks

Orellia Grey Cap, Elephant, Teastained Cap, Caprock, Waterfall Rock, Armor Rock
& Blue Mountain



 Orellia Greycap  - Use in landscape beds, ponds & waterfalls



 Elephant Rock                                                                           Cap Rock
 Use in landscape beds, ponds, waterfalls & retailing walls            good for landscape beds, ponds & waterfalls



Armour Rock - Amour stone is a natural limestone which will enhance any garden. Excellent for retaining walls, landscaping etc..

                         Comes in various sizes from 1 cubic ft to 6 cubic ft. Can be placed in your garden or landscape bed.


    Waterfall Rock                                                                       Teastained Cap Stone


      Blue Mountain


Specialty Rock



Specialty Rock - Whether you are using large stones as a focal point, border or wall, they have an unsurpassed beauty and function. Available in various sizes from small & large to sold by the pound.






                                                                                   2 Inch Flagstone


          Flagstone Firepit                                                                      
                                                                                                                               Flagstone Walkways



    Granite Flagstone


Various types of flagstone - comes in various thicknesses

3/4 to 1 inch Flagstone - With flagstone you can create patio's, walkways, driveways, fireplaces, mantel's and garden borders. They are durable enough to withstand heavy traffic while maintaining natural ambience. Sold by full skid, 1/2 skid or by the pound.

We also have buff flagstone, charcoal, granite, antique blue & gold. Also check our econo flagstone.


Ledge Rock, Guillotine, Buckhorn & Cheese stone

Natural Stone without a doubt is the most beautiful material to use for garden wall projects because by nature it looks like it! It just belongs in a garden.

 Sold by the full skid, 1/2 skid or by the pound. Available in all thickness'


    Ledge rock - used for borders, ponds etc...                              Ledge rock -available in various thicknesses                             

   Cheese Stone                                                                           Ledge rock


   Guillotine rock - great for borders                                                Cheese Stone


     Tumbled Guillotine & ledge rock                                        Buckhorn


    Cheese Stone                                                                             Cheese Stone


     Random Cheese Stone                                                        Waterworn & Cheese Stone


Limestone & Granite Steps 


      Limestone Steps                                                                   Random Flag Steps


                                                                   Granite Steps

Weathered Edge Rockery



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