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We sell any quantity, whether you are patching a small area or entire yard. We sell a top quality Kentucky Bluegrass blend  that our customers have come to depend on.

Roll size 16" x 77 1/2" length. Kentucky bluegrass blend.

With our quality sod you will be on your way to a beautiful yard in no time!


Grass Seed


Seeding Tips for New Lawns  

 1.  Prepare a fine seedbed by breaking up and working the soil.  Ensure that you have a minimum of 10cm
      (4 inches) of good top soil.

 2.  Rake thoroughly to remove stones and other debris.

 3.  Apply a starter fertilizer before seeding.  This helps the seed to develop faster and grow into a thicker,
      healthier lawn.

 4.  Apply your lawn seed with a spreader.  Spreading by hand is not recommended as it is difficult to
      achieve even coverage. 

 5.  When seeding, divide your seed into two equal amounts and apply half in one direction, and the other half
       in the opposite direction to ensure even application.

 6.  After applying the seed, lightly rake the soil surface to ensure good seed to soil contact.
 TIP:  Avoid burying the seed to deeply.  If seed is planted too deeply, it may fail to emerge.  A planting
          depth of 2mm (1/16 inches) is ideal.
 7.  Keep the seeded area moist by frequent, light watering until the seed is established.
 TIP:  Overwatering can affect the germination of your grass seed.  Avoid puddles of water when watering.

 8.  Seed germinates best when soil temperatures are above 17˚C (62˚F).  For best results, apply in early to
      mid-spring, late summer or early fall.













The four kinds + the mixtures

  • Sun & Shade

30% Perennial Ryegrass

45% Certified Chewing Fescue

25% Certified Kentucky Bluegrass

This is a professional lawn seed mix to produce a fine dark green lawn. Also good for overseeding existing lawns.

  • Premium Mixture

40% Kentucky Bluegrass

40% Creeping Fescue

20% Certified Perennial Ryegrass

Quality lawn seed mixture to produce a good home lawn under normal conditions.

  • Overseeding

100 % Certified Perennial Ryegrass

For overseeding lawns and filling in bare area's.

         Value Plus

10% Kentucky Bluegrass

60% Creeping Red Fescue

30% Certified Perennial Ryegrass

Available by the 1,10,25 & 55 LB Bags.

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